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Mouis Riel

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One of the most controversial figures in Canada’s history was Louis Riel. He was known to almost all Canadians was a Métis, who helped his people fight against the government for their rights and freedom. But he was executed for being guilty of treason. To some he was thought of as a murderer, rebel and a traitor, others believed he was a saint and a martyr. Because there is so much contradicting facts to what he has done, no one is really sure of what he should be remembered as. A hero, or a traitor. In my opinion, he is a hero.
Riel was a patriot, and he stood up for his people and his own believes when thoughts of prejudice were against him. He gave up his life of becoming a priest, lawyer, and a politician to help others. I believe that Louis Riel was a hero and a good leader his people. He stood up for religious and racial differences, lead rebellions against land transfers, headed provisional governments, negotiated the Manitoba Act, organized provisional governments for the Métis, helped Macdonald’s government realize the importance of the First Nations, provided protection for the French language rights, culture, and way of life. While what he did was seen as acts of sedition, he did it all in mind of his people. He worked to change the grievances of the Métis, to give them change and “his desire to act within constitutional bounds” helped him along the way. He also helped the Saskatchewan Métis to lead a rebellion against westward expansion. During this time he led the famous Northwest Rebellion, this lead to his execution by the act of treason. This is another example of how Riel gave his life to improve the lives of others. I believe he has done enough and cared enough to be known as a hero.
Some contradicting facts that leads people to think that Riel would be considered a traitor would be, taking over forts, putting together his own provisional governments, approving the execution of Thomas Scott, ...

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