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Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe known as the blonde bombshell was the beautiful star of the 1950’s. Close friend Eve Arnold said,” Many people followed her career and life” “Most people felt like they knew her” (“Marilyn” 2000 pg.1) In fact most people had no idea what really influenced her Marilyn’s life and career. Marilyn Monroe's life was greatly influenced by her need for attention. Marilyn's actions and decisions throughout her life reflect on her great need for attention.
As a child Marilyn was starved for attention. Marilyn’s childhood was filled with drama filled stories to fo-fill her need for attention. Day to day Marilyn would create and over exaggerate stories so that she would receive attention. She did this throughout her childhood. Marilyn's first strive for attention was at the early age of eight. One day Marilyn ran crying uncontrollably throughout the hall of her orphanage. She ran into her room and slammed the door. Alarmed the superintendent came in and asked her what was wrong. Marilyn told her a very fabricated story. She told her that she was sitting on her bed alone in her room, when her grand mother entered. She then said that her grandmother violently pushed her head against the bed and tried to smother her with a pillow. (Rollyson, Carl 1897, pg.10) The superintendent new the story was a lie but comforted her anyway. Clearly Marilyn made this story up. Her Grandmother Della was an old fragile lady, and was thought to be very friendly. Marilyn had made up the story in an act to receive attention. She told this story throughout out her childhood, changing it now and then. Marilyn embellished in this story. Author Rollyson refers to Marilyn's story as “ Such traumatic events it was worthy of inclusion in a Dickens novel.
Yet another story Marilyn managed to fabricate for attention was one of rape. Marilyn at age nine was living in the foster home that also took in boarders. There was an old man that the ...

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