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Marie Antionette

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Marie Antoinette was born in Vienna, Austria on November 2nd 1755.She was the daughter of Austrian archduchess Maria Theresa and Holy Roman Emperor Francis the first. In 1770 she married the dauphin of France who later became King Louis XVI. Marie’s wedding to King Louis was made only to strengthen France’s Alliance with Austria. The people disliked the marriage. Marie ‘s actions increased the hostility and unpopularity among the people. She constantly sought the advice of the Austrian ambassador and attempted to influence French foreign policy in favor of Austria. Unhappy in her marriage, which remained unconsummated for seven years, she surrounded herself with a clique of disillusioned royals, led by Yolanda de Polignac and Marie Theresa de Lamballe, and threw herself into a life of pleasure and careless extravagance such as fancy balls, theatricals and gambling. Marie paid no attention to the France’s financial crisis, but only on spending her money lavishly. Vicious stories and rumors where told about her one of these stories illustrates her haughty attitude toward the people. According to the story Marie asked an official why the Parisians are angry “because they have no bread” was the reply “then let them eat cake” said Queen Marie. This story also shows her lack of understanding in economic problems. With the birth of her son her life became more calm.Although she contributed to the fall. Her notorious reputation led to scandals such as the Affair of the Diamond Necklace and to rumors concerning her relations with officers of the guard and with Hans Axel Fersen. The famous solution to the bread famine, “Let them eat cake,” is unjustly attributed to the queen, but it is certain that Marie Antoinette lacked understanding of economic problems. With the birth of her first son, her life became more sedate. Although she had contributed to the downfall of A. R. J. Turgot in 1776 and was hostile to Jacques Necker,...

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