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Henry James

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“Presently a small boy came walking along the path--an urchin of nine
or ten. The child, who was diminutive for his years, had an aged expression
of countenance, a pale complexion, and sharp little features. He was dressed
in knickerbockers, with red stockings, which displayed his poor little
spindle-shanks; he also wore a brilliant red cravat.(Daisy Miller by Henry
James pg.3).With great character descriptions like this no wonder he was one
of the greatest writers in his time. In his 50- year writing career he was the
one kids looked up too, and other authors looked up too to. He had his own
style it was straightforward and realistic. His fiction stories is the best ever,
and his characters that he makes are so creative. In this essay you will be able
to tell his life and his profound effect on his work.
James was born in New York City, His dad was also named Henry
James. He was born into a wealthy prominent family. His dad was a religious
philosopher, and was part of the leading thinkers of the 1800s, His mom
name was Mary Robertson James. James had three brothers and one sister.
His dad gave the children weird education by taking them to England and
staying there long visits, but that paid off as you can tell. James brother
became a great philosopher and psychologist. The year Henry James turned
twelve years old his family moved to Switzerland and later to France and
Germany. After the completion of his family’s travels, Henry James returned
to America and enrolled in Harvard law school in 1882 for a while. He
withdrew soon after his enrollment because he desired to pursue writing
rather than an education. James never married, he said in the tale“The
Lesson Of The Master” (1888), he considered to be an artist you should be
free of all the obligations of a family. James left America in his early 30s,
and moved to Europe, he felt that living in Europe was more complicated
societies and offer him bett...

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