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Vladimir Ilich Lenin

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Vladimir Ilich Lenin

“An Enemy Of The Wealthy”

Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov was born in Simbirsk, a city in Southern Russia, on April 22, 1870. He was the third child and second son of Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov, who was one of Simbirk’s most respected citizens, and Maria Aleksandrovna Ulyanova. Ilya Nikolayevich held the most prestigious position of inspector of public schools for the administrative district of Simbirsk. He loved his work especially because it brought him into contact with the children of the peasants. He wanted to do as much as he could to help free the peasants from ignorance and superstitions. This is from whom young Vladimir got his eager to help the peasants (the poor, the unwanted).
Vladimir received his earliest education from his mother, who taught him to read and to play piano. In 1879 he entered the Simbirsk gymnasium, or classical school. During the eight years he spent there, Vladimir was usually at the head of his class, showing at an early age the immense capacity for systematic work that would distinguish him throughout his life.
Whenever he was not at school or busy with his homework, Vladimir would go for walks in the parks, read, or play chess with his older brother, Aleksandr. Four years Vladimir’s brother, Aleksandr was quiet, single-minded, and intelligent young man: Vladimir adored him. In 1886 when his father died at age 55, Aleksandr, who by then was studying biology at the University in St. Petersburg, the Russian capital, bacame the head of the family.
His father’s death wasn’t the only trouble in their family. Fourteen month later tragedy struck again. In March of 1887 the police in St. Petersburg discovered that a group of dissident students were plotting to assassinate Alexander III: Aleksandr Ulyanov was on of the students arrested in the roundup that followed. He had been using his knowledge of chemistry to manufacture bombs intended for the assa...

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