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The Aviation Investment and
Reform Act for the 21st Century
(AIR 21)
Signed: April 5th, 2000 by Pres. George Clinton


"Without prompt action, the United States’ aviation system is headed toward gridlock shortly after the turn of the century. If this gridlock is allowed to happen, it will result in a deterioration of aviation safety, harm the efficiency and growth of our domestic economy, and hurt our position in the global marketplace. Lives may be endangered; the profitability and strength of the aviation sector could disappear; and jobs and business opportunities far beyond aviation could be foregone."
----- The National Civil Aviation Review Commission, Report to Congress, December 1997

The United States of America was facing the daunting task on how to address the issues facing our National Aviation System. The US Government passed The Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century (AIR 21) on April 5th, 2000. AIR 21 was intended to help address a lot of the issues facing out national aviation system by having measures to insure Safety in both our airports and skies, measures to help increase competition into the airline industry, and by having measure that ensure that money spent by our taxpayers toward the Aviation Trust Fund is spent towards the development off affordable and safe air travel.
What is AIR 21?
Entitled the Wendell H. Ford Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century or AIR 21, was intended to significantly increase funding to the nation's aviation over the next three years. Funding would be going to radar modernization and much-needed airport construction projects.
AIR 21:
Q A comprehensive five-year reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration and the Airport Improvement Program (AIP).
Q Authorizes over $59.3 billion, an increase of $14.3 billion.
Q Incrementally boosted the Airport Improvement Program from $1.95 billion to $4.3 billio...

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