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The Human Evolution

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When did the evolution of humanity all start? Were apes our ancestors? In the past early man used to communication through telling stories, painting and drawing on cave walls, using simplified symbols. The human mind developed its capability as its needs for comfort grew. Our achievement has been remarkable. The evolutionary design of man has intrigued humans for many years. It has lead anthropologists to travel the world in search of fossil evidence to learn who we have evolved from. Human evolution began roughly 5-10 million years ago when the human line split from the apes. Slowly scientists have tried to put the pieces together to give us an idea of our evolutionary line.
Today is most accepted theory is the "Savannah-based theory" first proposed by “Raymond Dart in 1924.” This theory proposes that hominids evolved as some apes moved from the shrinking lush forests onto the surrounding Savannah. As a result of these apes moving from the food rich environment of the forests to the drier environment of the Savannah certain adaptations evolved which were advantages to the new environment. Some of these adaptations include: bipedalism, lack of hair, and increased fat. Bipedalism would be advantages to these Savannah apes as they could uses there newly free hands to gather food, which can be scarce, and carry it over long distances while looking for the next meal. Similarly increased fat also have aided these Savannah apes with food storage. The loss of hair was often described as advantages as it may help to cool the ape.

When it comes to the evolution of humanity, there is no essay that can cover it all, because we don't know it all.
Even the history known by what art shows us, is it all true? With so many myths, how can we know what really happened? Back in the days, whatever days...3000 B.C. or 10 years ago, and people’s values have changed. Life was seen in from many different views and ...

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