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Animal Behavior

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Animal Behavior

I’ve always wondered why animal’s act the way they do, I’m sure everybody does because we’ve all grown up around animals. Certain things make them bark at you when you walk by and certain things make them bite. Animal behavior is very important to all of us. Without most household pets our mice wouldn’t be killed, the cats wouldn’t stay out of the yard, and the birds would make more noise than ever. But do animals really acquire this, or are they taught?
In this research I hope to find out and examine what animals really think and why they think in certain ways. Maybe in the future I could also prevent injuries and incidents causing another innocent animals death.
Humans have evolved basically from mammals such as monkeys and chimpanzees. After much study and research they have related that much of our behavior and communication is a higher evolved form of their communication. Studying animals is very difficult; observation and experimentation are really the only two ways to measure and study behavior. It’s really impossible but animals should be studied in their own habitat, but modernized technology made it possible to study animals under highly supervised laboratories.
Those who study sound communication use spectrograms to translate animal calls into graphs. These graphs make it possible for scientists to examine mating calls-warning signals-threats-and food calls. Most scientists agree that mating rituals are communicative and information for animals to communicate is passed on genetically.
We observe behavior by act, action patterns, and whereabouts. We measure behavior by careful observation such as videotaping vs. in person- description-and relating behavior to other factors such as the environment. The use of this information is highly appreciated by livestock managers, animal transporters, land managers, ethnologists, zoos, veterinarians, and scientists because they all care for animal...

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