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Annie John

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Journal response

“The Museum today is a very different place from the Museum of half a century ago. Now, high technology laborites filled with computers and electronics can be found next door to storerooms full of human mummies or snakes coiled in jars of alcohol. The collections are being cared for and studied in ways that Roy Chapman Andrews never dreamed of.” (Preston 118)

I am really amazed of how many wonderful collections of many kinds of many years, histories, and civilization this museum contains. Also how one habit of just collecting turned into a great restoration of human civilization and everything around human that can possibly be restored? The museum to me is like the dictionary of life that includes many active things like the human who visits it and the appreciated scientists who work in it and the interactive things that trigger the whole theme of life, which is education. Restoring and passing education through generation is a unique effort and effective process that balances the amount of information and evidences that is collected no matter how insignificant it might be. The civilization and modernization of the museums bring the question, which is: is the restoration of information can be significant through civilization? . My answer is absolutely not, because human restoration and the idea of keeping education and information to pass it through generation have been part of the human behavior since the human existed. The information has been restored by many means: its been carved in caves, through means of survival, and money other ways and if not by the human body itself. Even the way the information was restored produces another kind information of the technology or tools that has been used to do so. For example this museum tells a whole deal about the way its information displayed through art, advanced technology, the most up to date tools that can be used to take care of the human history. The hum...

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