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Acceptance Letter

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Medicine offers the opportunity for me to integrate different scopes of science while trying to improve human life. Medicine has intrigued me all throughout my life because it’s a never-ending mystery and every answer has questions, and vice versa. Throughout my life, I have worked towards one goal which is to become a doctor. I know that the road that I take to become a doctor is going to be very challenging, however I fee that my past has prepared me for taking on the challenge. My struggle began when I was 5 months old. My mother sent me to Liberia, Africa to live with my grandmother due to the unsuspecting birth of me. After living in war for eight years, without my mother, and living in a n impoverished country I came back to the United States. I began my education in the second grade without having any previous schooling, therefore I was demoted to the first grade at an age of eight years old. The school system labeled me as retarded and placed me in remedial classes. I had an early determination to prove to myself and others around me that I wasn’t retarded because I knew that it wasn’t that I was retarded, it was only because I wasn’t taught the materials. After two months of learning how to read and write, I slowly became the top of my class. The first term of my first grade year I finished by making average grades and then through persistence and the help of my mom, I excelled throughout the second term of my first grade year. Since then I knew that I started out disadvantaged amongst my peer but through hard work I could do anything. However, I knew when I was 9 years old in the second grade that I was behind. My mother and step-dad move to a different state and made me skip third grade without acquiring any knowledge. Therefore, I had to learn everything I needed to know about the third grade when I was placed in the fourth grade. I knew that I had to jump over this hurdle with me skipping the third ...

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