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Appplied Gentics

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There are many different types of fashionably edible fruits today due to the growing world of Appling genetics to fruit and citrus . Today fruit and citrus are commonly hybridized for benefits. Crossing fruit types and mutations to get the most desirable apple and juicy oranges has become a new type of biology.
The apple of today is firm and sweet as the apple of yesterday was tart and bland. Apples like the Rome and Granny Smith are being replaced with Gala and Fuji species. The Fuji apple is a very delicious and new breed of apple. This great new tasting apple is a product of Japan developed at Tahoka Research Station in Morioka, Japan, achieved by crossing the two American apples the Ralls Janet and the Red Delicious. It is medium sized, 52 -65 mm, and has fine-grained crisp, white flesh. It has an excellent tart and sweet flavor and is generally available when it ripens in early November. The Fuji apple has been on the rise in apple popularity. Michigan’s most popular and widely grown apples are the Red and golden Delicious. The Fuji apple is grown all over and is taking a rise in the orchards of Michigan. It is perceived as the second best apple in Michigan behind the Red Delicious and in front of the Golden Delicious. It has popularity in the west as well. “Fuji has fast replaced Red Delicious as the grower's choice here on the West Coast. It has an outstanding flavor and is one of my favorite apples”- Patrick Rogers ( Modesto, Ca.
This great apple is taking America as well as many parts of the world and is quickly becoming a favorite in the world of fruit and hybridization. With this science it is expected to see many more awesome species like the Fuji apple developed by applying genetics to fruit....

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