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Aging & Mental Healh

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Approaches to Aging & Mental Health

The behavioral model will focus on the behavior that the person displays. Smyer and Qualls believe that behaviors are “…under direct control of environmental events and cues…” Behaviors do occur from environmental stimuli, but there are internal events that will influence behaviors as well. The behavior model puts an emphasis on scientific research that assesses the individual. The information regarding the behavioral model and elders is varied. There are topics on self-care, health care, social contact, and depression, ect. The behavioral model uses empirical research to assess the individual. “The empirical results are clear: many behaviors previously believed to be a normal product of aging have been demonstrated to be modifiable by changes in the environmental context.” The patient can benefit if things in the environment are changed.
With aging there may be many adaptations that need to be met. The environment may need to be changed to enhance life. Mental health is greatly effected by the environment that an elder has to live in. “…Adults are likely to live in environments and contingency patterns similar to those of the middle adulthood.” Elders may not be able to adapt physically to things that the young can. Having a change in the environment may either help or harm the older person. They may not be able to compensate for the change, or may adapt quite well. Older adults may modify their behavior without realizing it in order to adapt to changes. Smyer and Qualls bring up the point that nursing homes challenge the adaptability and well being of elders. This happens because activities are so structured that they don’t leave room for change.
Assessment is used to help evaluate what kinds of interventions need to be used. The therapist will first look at any medical problems the person may have. This is to make sure the problem is not from a disease....

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