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Addiction……drugs, alcohol, life; from the eyes of some one who observes it and experiences it every day. Almost everyone in the world is affected by the wrath of addiction whether it be by themselves, family members, peers, idol’s or enemies. The definition of addiction is, “the quality or state of being addicted.” Which I think is quite an understatement…. In the following I will talk about the stages of addiction, people I know and how they react to addiction, personal experiences as well as different treatment plans and how people react to them.
The addiction process and stages of addiction can vary greatly from person to person. Depending on personality type, lifestyle and background they can go from a once a week pot smoker to a crackhead in 6 months or a once a week pot smoker to some one who does every drug out there on a somewhat regular basis but can stop at any time and is still completely functional. People with addictive personalities are much more likely to abuse drugs and go through the process quickly and more harshly than people with self-control that can do many different things without acting obsessive and compulsive. The term instant gratification applies directly to the different personality types. Those of whom who crave instant gratification are much more likely to have jobs like waiting tables, stripping or Manpower Temporary services where they get paid the same day they work. Rather than working all week to get paid just once.
A person’s background can also make a big difference in their likelihood of becoming an addict, but it can also have a reverse effect. The majority of people would think that if you are exposed to your parents drinking and doing drugs than you would be more likely to partake in these activities as well. More often than not this is true, but like everything in life there is always exceptions. Some adolescents feel the need, or have the urge to rebel agai...

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