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A Rose By Any Other Name

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Interpretation covers the ability to understand and explain according to an individual’s belief, judgment, or interest. Readers can interpret any quotation such as “…a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” Understanding the quotation becomes clear by assessing two elements. This quotation has the capability of teaching readers effective lessons for living.
The initial path of comprehending the quotation uses the literal interpretation, or recognizing the significance of dictionary explanations. By using this method, the quotation “…a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”, a reader could construe: the smell of a rose stays the same, even if someone changes the name. The scent does not change due to the fact that the designation has no bearing on the fragrance of the rose.
Using the second technique of analysis can bring a reader to a dissimilar conclusion about the quotation. Symbolic meanings suggest another idea for the quotation that cannot, in itself, surface. In other words, the symbolic meaning draws a picture for the reader. Use of this form of study can bring a reader to the conclusion: the components of an entity create the item the label does not. Having the ability to interpret can give any person the chance to decipher age-old universal truths.
A universal truth presents an idea assumed true by the masses worldwide based on the interpretation of that truth. By solving two additional truths used in daily life, one can learn a little more about mankind. The first universal truth “…don’t judge a book by its cover…” can teach an efficient lesson in living. If interpreted literally, one can assume that the image depicted on the cover of a book does not necessarily reflect the content of that book. Using connotative interpretation takes a person down an alternative route to understanding, which shows the meaning behind the words. This symbolic meaning shows that physical appearanc...

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