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A Nights Tale - Modeling Of Chaucer's Style

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A Nights Tale - Tale of the Apothecary

I always can predict who will die,
yet I still can watch their family cry.
With one sip of my drink,
a man hasn’t the chance to blink
his eyes, that served him so well
in life. Now his fate will be heaven or hell.
In all the things that I have seen,
I have never seen a peasant or queen,
so beautiful and as this woman,
I have met named Siren.
I wondered why she’d visit me,
for I am an apothecary.
She said she spied me from her
window top. To me it did not occur,
that she had loved me from the start.
Slowly she found her way into my heart.
After five months of happiness and bliss,
something more shocking than this.
I found that my love has a husband. I say,
I only did know for he was gone a way.
Most supposed he died,
so I felt no need to hide.
My work continued to steady,
for as I said I am the apothecary.
A man named Iscariot came in and asked
for my strongest potion. I did not try to mask
my curiosity about who it was for.
He began his answer after I asked once more.
With his response my heart raced with relief.
The potion was for Siren’s husband and dead for sure he will be.
I did not tell Siren of the strangers plans,
for most people would not trust this man.
My friend Gawain invited me to a feast,
in honor of his father’s bequeath
of a fortune most men can only seek.
Imagine my delight after waiting a week,
to see my Siren next to me.
We drank to Gawain until merry,
then I felt pain and realized that that very
merchant was Siren’s husband and now we both will die.
My final thought as there I lie
was the moral of my story I hope that you will see.
No man can predict the hour of his death,
not even I the apothecary....

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