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A Life Of Pleasure

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A Life of Pleasure
In a fast paced society, where everyone is always working and striving to be on top there is always a need for pleasure. Many people today enjoy living for the moment. A Latin phrase known as Carpe Diem quickly comes to mind. This phrase when translated to English means seize the day. That means to suck out everything possible out of life that you possibly can. There is no need to save anything for tomorrow because you may not get another chance. Why should we look into the future when we are in the present?
In numerous poems written by Li Po he showed to us that he led a very pleasurable lifestyle. In his poem Bring in the Wine, Li Po states, “ Taste pleasure to the limit,” and “ all I want is to stay dead drunk and never sober up.” Through these statements he makes it very clearly shows his wild and pleasurable lifestyle, similar to many lifestyles led by people today. Clearly Li Po enjoys being intoxicated. Some may question what the need for stimulants may be. Some people may find enjoyment while intoxicated but it doesn’t mean everyone needs to be drunk to have fun and enjoy themselves.
Everyone has something that is pleasurable to them. Some people enjoy shopping for themselves or for others. Whereas somebody else may enjoy watching a Sunday football game on their big screen television. There are even those people who find enjoyment working twelve or more hours a day and seven days a week. No matter what it may be that pleasures you, it is suggested to become indulged in it, to such an extent where nothing else matters.
Is money an object? Can we put a limit on how much to spend for pleasure? Li Po did not put a price on pleasure. Li Po sent his servant to pawn and trade his possessions for more wine. Some may look at this as if he can’t control himself or that he may have problems with his desire to drink and be drunk all the tim...

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