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Are You Morally Free To Ignore Your Own Conscience?

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Are you morally free to ignore your own conscience?
This paper is about whether or not you are free to
Ignore your own conscience. I don’t think we are free to
ignore our own conscience because some people try to argue
That morality is simply a human convenience, and because we
live together in comparative
Even though people view ethics as relative, there are
very few who will come out openly and admit what the
significance of that is. They still wish to be considered
respectable. To be fair, we must go further. They are often
decent people and being aware of what facing up to the full
facts would mean they try to find ways around them. They
are aware that other people know that morals are important
(although they may not know why) and would not look
favorable on a theory that rejected morals altogether.
I have never met anyone who was not aware of the difference
between right and wrong as a concept in its own right. It
only makes it a convenient accident (some people who want
to ignore their conscience would argue that it was an
inconvenient accident, the consequences of which they are
escaping). It give morality no authority.

People do live as though morality does not matter for
quite some of the time, but there always comes a time when
they are aware of feeling guilty, and knowing why they are
feeling guilty, when they become aware that what they have
been doing is wrong. The fact is that we cannot make a list
of things, which are ‘absolutely’ right which all men would
agree with, does not negate this position. Moral decisions
are complicate, as we all know. But all societies have
looked on murder within their own society as wrong, unless
there was some specific reason to justify it. All men are
aware that the interests of others must be taken into
account in their strata of society.
If I have argued correctly, it seems to draw out
that you are not free to ignore...

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