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Venus and Mars, Adam and Eve, Birds and the Bees; what are the different between the two sexes? Both are from the same human race and both have the same basic human needs, but the word “human” can’t describe the differences between the two. They are two different entities, each acting within their own unique way. They can also be the same in many ways, but different in the other way. When combined, in love, they form into one. Female and Male need each other. They would feel lonely and depress without one another causing their life to be much difficult.
Female and male mentality is totally different. In terms of evolution, the males are known as the hunters roam the land in order to provide food and shelter for the family. This is usually done in groups because hunting cannot be done alone since there are many dangers back in the day. This can explain why males usually always make friends so easily. To make networks, a male has to be more outgoing, cooperative, and resourcefulness. This explains the current mentality that males display in modern culture. The smartest and the bravest male are usually the leaders and the rest follows. This can be seen in grade and middle school when the bad boy or the loudest boy is usually the most popular. This feeling or mentality was programmed into males through millions of years of evolution. By hunting, males had to be hardened to survive.
From the millions of years of hunting which required many physical strength and ability. Gradually males became more physical built, while females stayed at home taking care of housework which required less physical strength. Thus explaining why males are usually bigger and stronger then females.
Females on the other hand were the gatherers back in millions of years ago. They weren’t forced to deal with the harsh conditions of hunting, instead they gathered. Gathering requires less physical work and has less strain on the body, ...

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