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Traveler’s Companion: China

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China: The land of people, the land of mountains, the land of sea. There is a famous saying that is used when the Chinese describe their country: REN SHAN, REN HAI which is used to describe a heaving crowd, and in fact is used to describe China itself.
When discussing China, or its culture, nothing is more lingering than the crushing crowds one is faced with immediately upon stepping into this amazing culture. With more than 1.2 billion people packed into 15% of the country’s land surface it has created a stark contrast of its own (68). It is the mere volume and size of China alone that could steal the show from its cultural heritage that has endured for thousands of years.
The most fascinating aspect of China is its unremitting human struggle. With more than a billion people competing with each other for amenities and services, one would expect a society of predators, and hostility; on the contrary any visitor is met with countless unbidden acts of charity and kindness. It is this very struggle that makes the Chinese who they are, and this struggle that has earned them the respect of visiting nations for centuries.
Upon entering a place such as China, one will immediately feel the impact of her people. What may take a little more time and effort to see, and enjoy, but holds the equal amount of importance and value in the China experience is her Architecture.
When discussions arise about the greatest architectural pieces of our time, none arise more than the symbol of China itself; the Great Wall of China. Being more than 5,000 km long according to some sources, others quote it being anywhere from 3,500 km to 6,000 km, but one thing that is not up for debate is the impact the Wall has had on Chinese history, as well as a gigantic impact on the country’s current tourism.
What kind of historical impact, if any, did The Wall have on China? Was it even that “great”? As far as historically, many great historians did not even ...

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