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Timeline History Of Russia 1533-1991

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The Russian Empire, covering over one-sixth of the world, is
governed by the sovereignty of Czar Ivan the Terrible. The feudal
system oppresses every man, woman and child as the Czar releases "Tax
Collectors" to maintain support for the nobles in the land. Brigands
and financial extortionists persecute any lower class citizen who
refuses to help contribute to the Czar's regime.


Under Czar Peter I (Peter the Great), the Russian Empire begins
to flourish with traces of traditional social structure modifications
in the country. Observing the radical advances of western
civilizations, Peter orders the modernization of the army, creation of
a navy, encourages mercantilism and foreign trade, and gives women
more rights. Nevertheless, the Empire remains stricken in poverty over
slow reforms and the overbearing presence of feudalism. 1825-1861

The feudal system begins to fail when the goals and desires of
the common peasant cannot be achieved through such an archaic
doctrine. Various successive Czars attempt social reforms which do not
leave an impact on the country's well-being. In December of 1825, an
uprising from the populace occures when they demand changes to the
economic system. With the development of the American, French and
Spanish constitutions, the serfs now demanded the abolishment of the
monarchy dictatorship, communal ownership of land and many other civil
and social reforms. Unfortunately, their rebellion was quickly
dismantled by the Czar's military faction and the system remained in


Czar Nicholas II finally realized that his current economic
monarchy was holding back the development of the empire. He therefore
created a parliamentary system in 1905 which would decrease the number
of strikes and violent outbursts generating from the peasants. This
representative assembly (called a Duma) was convened a t...

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