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Affirmative Action (Cons)

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Affirmative Action
What it the purpose of keeping a program that is designed to help out America’s society when if fact it only cause discrimination problems? It is disguised as an equal opportunity program, Affiramtive Action discriminates against non-minorities. Many groups protest the abolishment of affirmative action for sake of higher minority student admissions into prestigious universities; however protesters fail to view that minority dropout rates are nearly fifty-percent higher than whites. In employment; many unqualified applicants are hired solely in the fact that they are members of a minority group.
Affirmative action is a program that was created to give minorities and woman, “an equal chance” or special consideration for employment, education, and contracting decisions. "Employers holding contracts with the government must take affirmative action to ensure that they were not discriminating on the basis of race, creed, color, or national origin" (Unknown). It was first put into action during the 1960’s. The Civil Rights movement of 1964 emphasized the program. “The Civil Rights Act of 1964 had created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to eliminate discrimination against racial and ethnic minorities in private hiring practices and labor union activities” (Unknown).
During that time discrimination among minorities and woman was extremely high and there were barriers. “Minority beneficiaries of affirmative action hiring plans were sometimes stereotyped as inferior employees” (Unknown). What the program did was that it required employers the hire any person regardless of their race. But now and days, affirmative action has changed. The program first started with President John Franklin Kennedy. But his motives weren’t what he intended in the 1960’s. The programs soul purpose was to give minorities and woman a fair chance for employment and education. The first time the ...

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