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Affirmative Action

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It’s Time To Redefine Affirmative Action

Presidents and citizens of the United States have debated affirmative action for the past forty years. Supporters say that affirmative action has never made use of quotas, it simply sets flexible goals and is a useful way of measuring the employer's adherence to The Reorganization Act of 1978 (Detlefsen 35). Supporters also believe that affirmative action provides equal opportunity for blacks and women in an effective manner. I am arguing against affirmative action because it is a racial and gender quota system, prejudicial of whites, and unfair repayment for past oppression. Affirmative action has infiltrated our society and in some way influences everyone.
Supporters of affirmative action say that the Reorganization Act of 1978 helped in the hiring of blacks into many different occupations but did not provide equal opportunity in other places (Chafe 137). “Had America worked from the 1960’s on to educate blacks to the same standard as whites, had it truly labored to eradicate discrimination, there would be more virtue or power on both sides of the racial divide today” (Steele 442). Supporters also believe that until discrimination is ended, affirmative action should be mandatory (Rosenberg 687). “We were oppressed yesterday, so we are entitled to advantages today: it’s your turn to pay” (Diggins 457). According to an article by The Americans United for Affirmative Action (AUAA), Bill Clinton said, “Based on evidence, the job of ending discrimination in this country is not over. We should reaffirm the principle of affirmative action and fix the practices” (AUAA 9-15-2000). The article stated that the AUAA was created because the Reorganization Act of 1978 did not end discrimination against blacks and women (9-15-2000). Martin Luther King III, Co-founder of AUAA, said, “Affirmative action programs remain vital safeguards for protecting equal opportunity” (9...

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