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Army Transportation

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Army transformation can be defined as the movement from the “Army of old” to the “Army of new”. The progression from stable, grounded and predictable forces to more mobile, agile and unpredictable forces is the founding idea in the theory of Army Transformation.
The need for this drastic transformation derived from the Army’s need to adapt to a rapidly evolving international climate. At the present the Army has the ability to respond in a short time, anywhere in the world to any threat posed against us. The concept of Army transformation is to maintain that capability while making a few major adjustments. In order for this transformation to be successful we must reduce size, redistribute forces, reorganize pre-positioned equipment, and improve active and reserve component integration, in a sense reduce the active duty component. The final component in progressing towards a “new” Army is to integrate modern technology with existing personnel.
Army transformation is not a concept that is easily grasped nor can it be achieved overnight. It is a task that can be achieved over time and in several phases. The following are some of the strides that have been made in this effort to date:

Ø Reduced strength by 469,000 soldiers and 151,000 Army civilians
Ø Reduce the active duty component from 18 to 10 divisions
Ø Reduced ARNG component from 10 to 8 divisions and 23 brigade enhanced division to 15 enhanced brigades
Ø Retrograded, redistributed or disposed of over 50,000 vehicles and 533,400 T of ammo from Europe
Ø Closed 89 installations in the US and 662 overseas

The Army concept of full spectrum operations combines several types of operations to accomplish a task. More specifically, it employs offensive, defensive, stability and support operations either concurrently or sequentially to accomplish a mission. Full spectrum operations include:
Ø Offensive Operations- proactive maneuver to destroy or...

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