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America: The Bully

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A look into American Foreign Policy
BY: Al Miller

The ending of communism or The Foreign Policy of the United States of America (which ever you choose to call it) has given the United States the power to become a bully through out the world. Since WWII, America has had a history of bullying smaller countries, but the power of America’s foreign policy was more evident in The Korean War, Vietnam, and the CIA’s involvement in Guatemala and Iran. Some countries and even some American citizens believe America is a bully. During the cold war, Russia gave economic aid to small countries and never made mention of war. America, on the other hand, used aid as a way to force the uncommitted countries to commit their neutrality and align with America. The annual debate on foreign aid in congress has made it clear the funds we provide to other countries are solely because of our fear of communism. (Spanier 200-201)

After WWII, the constant threat of communism popping up around the world plagued the United States. President Truman had a challenge in developing a plan to stamp out any threat of communism his plan was the Truman Doctrine. The Truman Doctrine challenged Americans to help other countries to maintain their freedom. Freedom from what: Communism. In my opinion Truman took it as a personal threat on the United Stated if communism continued to exist. His plan threw America into a costly passive war, the Cold War and the deployment of military forces to countries being threatened by communism or socialist rulers. It was America’s success during and after the Cold War that has given us the power that we have today.

During WWII Korea was divided into two half in 1945 at the 38th Parallel. The Soviets occupied North Korea and America occupied South Korea. America made attempts to unite Korea under a democratic government, but Russia refused. The United Nations held an election...

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