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A Policing Military

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A Political and Policing Military

Should the United State’s Military be used as a political and policing force in the global arena? This question of when and when not to use military force has been a major topic of debate for every president since the U.S. was established in 1776. The facts of the issues are that the United State’s military has no other option than to be a political machine and a policing force in the world.
The U.S. is the supreme force in the entire world. The cold war is over and peace must be kept. With great power comes great responsibility and the U.S. must preserve peace and defend democracy. In an article written by Richard Falk, “The president mentioned that past rivalries among states arose because of their efforts to compete with one another, but insisted that the future will be different because of American military superiority: ‘America has, and intends to keep, military strengths beyond challenge, thereby making the destabilizing arms races of other eras pointless, and limiting rivalries to trade and other pursuits of peace.’” (web). Falk, in this statement is referring to the arms buildup of wars such as World War I. In order for the U.S to maintain peace and democracy throughout the world, it needs to be anti-isolationist and pro-usage of military power, whether the military be used as a political force or a policing force.
First of all, the United State’s occupation in foreign soil prevents war. This is a political factor which helps keeps the peace in the two fronts which a major war might occur, such as in Europe and Asia. In that case, the U.S. deploys troops to bases stationed in Europe and Japan. Aside from these military instillations the U.S. also deploys aircraft carriers around the world as a political device and deterrent. A U.S. aircraft carrier off the coast of a foreign country signifies the might of American military power. Along with this, the U.S. de...

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