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An Event A Book Or Movie That Affected My Life

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Is there really such a thing as an event, movie or a book that could really change or affect somebody’s life? The answer will definetly be yes!
My story began five years ago from a simple blood test I had to do. Being a volleyball player like all the other athletes i had to carry with me a health ID card to every game. To publish that ID card I had to go through a series of tests to confirm that I was healthy, in which one was the blood testing.
I then discovered that my blood type was rhesus O negative and that was impossible since my parents were both rhesus A positive. I knew from my biology class that a chance for a child of both parents with blood type Rhesus A to have a Rhesus O was one in a billion. Could I have been that one in a billion child?
I started asking questions to my parents but the answers I was getting weren’t satisfactory. So I decided to look and find for my birth certificate. After days of research I finally found it at the private clinic I was born. Until then it was no surprise to me that my parents weren’t really my birth parents. I ‘ve been adopted at the age of one month. It my sound crazy that I wasn’t surprise but I knew that something was wrong since I got my blood test results.
At that point I had to search for my birth parents! It wasn’t very hard finding them since my real parents were very near by. My godmother and my godfather! My adopted parents explained to me that due to a health problem they couldn’t have kids. My “mum” was desperate for a child so her best friend, my godmother, decided to give to her the next baby she would give birth to. And that was me!
Now how my life changed? Well I decided to stay with my adopted parents since they are the ones that raised me and I have no complains about the way they have been treating me. I love them like being my biological parents. As for my real parents, they are like my second family. I c...

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